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Morte is definitely a name of reference in first class charcuterie in Spain. A family business founded in 1939 in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) and whose third generation continues to develop with passion products for the most select palates.

MORTE, SA was born in the late 30’s in Cerdanyola del Vallés (BCN) as artisans butchers. In 1981 opened a new factory in Sabadell without thereby losing the traditional character and expanding the range of products to the preferences of a more modern and demanding society. In this last stage Morte committed to high quality, it is certified under the strict ISO standards. In addition we eliminate, as far as possible, all substances that are notcharacteristic of the meat as lactose, gluten, soy, starches and colorants, thus facilitating, consumers with members intolerant to these substances, to reach a product suitable for all, without sacrificing taste or pay more for them.

Today, we are proud that MORTE products, continue retaining its original prestige and acceptance, both nationally and internationally.